Watch this Video and understand how the scam works.

POW and Justin Davis

"Preservation of Deception?"

Read this statement and then read the Pyramid and Ponzie Scheme definitions listed below.

There is a direct correlation between the two and this statement.

Everything we do as a company is to provide more strength, integrity and opportunity to people looking for a better way. Our packages contain the finest graded coins and provide a path to At Cost pricing on the most valuable products in the, silver, platinum and palladium. We offer perfectly graded coins that can help build your personal assets as well as a residual income stream. This model is unique to POW and we've made some changes recently. The Membership that allows customers to purchase At Cost is going away on August 16th. (Existing Members will be "grandfather'd" and will continue to use their Membership as normal to the expiration date.) For new patrons, At Cost pricing on precious metal bullion will be a perk provided to those that reach the easiest rank of "Consultant". Please enjoy our videos and website for further explanation.

POW creates the PERFECT combination of tangible assets and opportunity!

First let's define pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme. If you notice their model is completely aligned with these definitions.

1. A Pyramid Scheme, an organization compels individuals to make a payment and join. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit. The directors of the organization (those at the top of the pyramid) also receive a share of these payments. For the directors, the scheme is potentially lucrative—whether or not they do any work, the organization's membership has a strong incentive to continue recruiting and funneling money to the top of the pyramid.

2. A Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator.

My Experience with POW and Mr. Davis...

I purchased more than $60,000.00 worth of Gold and Silver Bars and Coins back in May 2014. I created this site 19 October 2014. 5 Months have gone by and still nothing.

Mr. Davis seems to be running from me. He won't call to keep in the loop as to the status of my order or refund.
I guess he doesn't understand the severity of what he's done.

Last month the ****** Police Dept. went to his office for me and asked him come to down there for questioning. He did, then lied to the Officer about their delivery dates. Back in May of this year their website and whoever took my order told me 6-8 weeks. Well he went to the PD with some trumpeted up paperwork stating it was 8-12 weeks.

Well, that was a bold face lie and I can prove it.

I have nothing better to do now. I'm retired and until this happened had a small business.
Now I'm on the brink of financial ruin thanks to Mr. Davis and POW. So, sice I've got nothing to do I've started a campaign to spread the word about the deception.

The lies he's been telling people over the last few years are the same lies he's telling today. I'm beginning to sense a pattern here. I've talked to several people that had the same problems and the common excuse is the same. "Delivery, Mailing, Supplier Issues and the list goes on...".
I run a similar but small business and if I did this to my customers they'd all be gone and I'd be in the poorhouse.

In my case I'm willing to bet Mr. Davis NEVER ordered the metals. How do I know? I was told by one of his employees they have "NO bullion, Gold or Silver Eagles"...

There has been 6 documented Attorney General Investigations of Mr. Davis and POW here in Texas.

I have also gone to the US Attorney General to request they look at complaints throughout the country. I suspect they will fine more than I did.

Bill - 10/20/2014

-- Read the Texas Better Business Bureau's 17 complaints on POW where they have a overall rating of "F".